Our Showcase

Some of our successful projects

JT Hoops

We made an optimal digital hiring product with aesthetic navigation. No paperwork with JT Hoops. It’s a new transformation for the Human resources department with a cloud-based paper-less facility. It helps onboard talent with great assessment tools. Now enhance your operating efficiencies with this digital notebook!

We are privileged to be the growth partner of JT Hoops.

Rails experts from our team develop this amazing product using Ruby on Rails, a snappy and less-time consuming technology, close to our mission and vision!

Aura Health

We have always been a proponent of Healthcare services after polishing our hands in multiple areas of Healthcare. Bringing people out of the anxiety loop! A subject close to our heart.
Aurah Health is a solution to mental health issues facilitating with podcast services from best coaches. we leveraged up Aura health using our core technologies where we built many advanced functionalities covering massive dynamic traffic of health-conscious customers.

This mobile application’s height is proven in Forbes, Time, and Mindful magazine! We build this amazing application using modern JS framework Next Js and React Js.


We are aimed at providing the best E-Commerce and CRM solutions which is evident by the Mailmunch. It eliminates chaos in the market and creates frictionless sales processes by building an engaged audience. It’s a whole package of listing tools, advanced audience segmentation facility, personalized emails, more site visits, funnel automation, creating tailored campaigns and APIs integration leading to more sales.

Mailmunch runs on more than 500,000 websites, with 100 million+ leads collected, and millions of emails sent every month. It is developed with Ruby on Rails, React Js and Node Js.

Bio Marker

Transform businesses into new shape and growth through health data provided by Biomarker. It’s a great solution for Healthcare providers to engage more buyers using buyer persona and much information needed to increase the healthcare products sale facilitating with features to help build fast and functional layouts. It provides customized data tailored to buyer’s needs. It supercharges your offering!

It’s a great hallmark proving our credibility in Healthcare services. 

Technically we managed the design and development for Biomarker with the major focus on sales conversion by SEO-driven coding using React Js, Node Js and React-Native.